This is the new shape of sound.

It's the result of an exciting government-aided collaboration between science, technology, and the arts.
 And it’s manufactured in Victoria.

Facett is proudly Australian made.

Facett users are saying

Facett sound quality is clear and accurate. It has enabled me to enjoy all the everyday sounds of life again to the fullest, especially music

- Bruce Woodley AO, The Seekers

Better sound, better look, more convenient – I find I am almost proud to wear them.

- Louise Bartlett, ballroom dancer

Its audio is great. I can hear much better. It looks cool, and I love not throwing batteries away. 

- James Black, Mondo Rock and RocKwiz guitarist 

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Say goodbye to fiddly disposable batteries.

Charge overnight. Listen for over a day.

Store modules in Pod, your portable drying and charging device. Plug it in when you go to bed. Wake up to an entire day of uninterrupted listening.

Detail oriented.

You'll find sound rich and clear because it's filtered through 96 output channels.

Inspired by the needs of real hearing aid users, we've created a beautiful device that is easier to use and gives you a new level of control over your listening experience.

Facett was made for you. 

It's breathtakingly simple yet remarkably intelligent.

You can hear it your way.

No one else hears how you hear. That's why we've given you optional independent control over your settings.

The control is in your hands.

You can make adjustments with our award-winning IHearYou® system on your smartphone, tablet or Windows computer.

You're never on your own.

We can connect with you remotely for instant advice and support. All you need is a phone or a strong internet connection.

Facett is made for your sense of hearing and your sense of style.

Choose from gloss white, metallic rose gold, metallic silver, and matte black.

Watch what went into making Facett.

Go to to see the latest in hearing aid technology.

"SO much easier to change the batteries. You don't even need to see what you are doing - you can change them in the dark." 
Louise Bartlett, Victoria

Always just right.

Your listening comfort is maintained with our proprietary sound processor that quickly analyses your environment and makes adjustments for your hearing needs.

Smart and selective.

Focus on what you want to hear thanks to clever microphone technology that isolates speech and reduces distracting background noise.

"I was thrilled at not needing to ask for the batteries to be changed for me. The magnetic bits are amazingly effective with my shaky movements, I can reliably handle the batteries." 
Dr Elisabeth Banks, Victoria

Facett evolves with you affordably. 

There's no need to buy a new hearing aid to access the latest Facett technology. 
 New features are released in new modules that work with your existing core. 

The "core" contains your settings. The "module" powers the core with a rechargeable battery.

 Activate Facett by holding the core and module close together. Watch them connect in an instant.

Never go a moment without sound.

Facett comes with 2 pairs of rechargeable modules. That way, if you go camping or forget to charge overnight, you can swap your drained modules for the charged back up pair.

Say hello to ultra-high resolution sound.

You won't want to hide it.

Four Facetts in a row
Hearing aid on girl
Hand holding Facett pod

Rechargeable modules are a better, easier way to power your hearing aid. They 'click' easily into place.

Facett by Blamey Saunders

The award-winning modular self-fit hearing aid.

Hearing aid - Good Design Award of the year winner
Facett hearing aid iAwards 2018 winner
Facett Melbourne Design Awards Gold Winner